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For our SHEEP/RAM Breeders ... The adoption of mandatory eID for sheep and goats is a way of improving traceability practices for more efficient management of disease outbreaks, food safety issues and market access; it comes in to place on 1 January 2025. The Wylie CRC has the option to obtain eID scanning equipment that can be borrowed or loaned out to local producers in our area who may need to scan any property-to-property movements of sheep or goats. - This will save farmers having to purchase this equipment.. We are seeking Expressions of interest in regards to the CRC purchasing this equipment.. Please contact Craig at the CRC if you believe us obtaining this equipment would be of benefit to you.


Community Water Supply Program (CWSP)


Content; Program is open for applications.

This program aims to assist broadacre farming communities in establishing or improving non-potable water supplies.

AU: WA (local)$3.6M Available (est)

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